Oktara hero banner. We are a pura vida company that takes software development seriously. Some of our software skills include front end development, backend development, .net, php, javascript, etc.

We're Passionate

We are passionate about what we do, which helps us provide top quality solutions to your project. We love creating software solutions and innovating our developing process according to every day new trends and technologies.

We're Creative

Innovation is a key part of developing high quality software. We customize each project according to the client needs and business strengths providing not only high quality software solutions but business, design and marketing insights.

We're Professional

We are really dedicated to satisfying and exceeding our customer expectations, for this we have defined our developing process and have a highly dedicated team that ensures every part of that process is being handled accordingly.

Engagement Models

Extend your team:

We offer our clients the possibility to augment their technical teams with a set of very skilled resources, and a very successful recruitment process. Through our times and materials engagement model, clients can pay monthly for the resources, and assign them all the work needed, as if they were right there on their office. Ideal for companies with several projects and steady workload.

Project based:

We also help our clients to solve a specific need through a fixed price project, where a defined set of requirements is given, and we commit to finish the project on a specific amount of time and within a budget. Ideal for companies that have a unique need and specific deadline.

Nearshore Outsourcing Benefits

Some of the benefits you can count on when working with us are real time coordination, no or slight time difference, cultural similarities, same day travel and same work day, among others.

We like to create long lasting partnerships with our clients, building not only a business but also a friendly relationship. As we are located on a privileged geographic location we can offer all the benefits of nearshore outsourcing.

Nearshore Market

  • Time zones does not affect the work schedule.
  • Short flight time makes onsite meetings easier.
  • English fluent personel.
  • Accesible rates reduces project costs.

Local Market

  • Extensive knowledge of the market and the software needs of costarrican companies.
  • Fast and easy access to onsite meetings.
  • Accessible rates according to what the market dictates.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Result-oriented
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Relaxed work environment
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Creativity
  • Always looking for innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Passion for customers

Our Mission

Help our clients reduce their software development cost while providing high quality work guided by our values. Provide our team with a relaxed and stable work environment, where they can exploit their creativity and fulfill their carrier goals to achieve excellence. Our motto is: We are a Pura Vida company that takes development seriously.

Our Vision

To be a leading nearshore outsourcing software company in Central America by providing top quality development services to North and South America.

These are Oktara's faces

Pablo Navarro
MEAN Stack Developer
  • F1 Addict 85%
  • Black Novel Reader 90%
  • Animal Lover 100%
Jhoel Gonzalez
Technical Writer & QA Engineer
  • Game Developer Newbie 75%
  • Fallout Survivor 100%
  • Business Idea Chaser 95%
Team member Federico Castillo Quesada
Federico Castillo
Co-Founder and CEO
  • Soccer Fan 95%
  • Photography Enthusiast 85%
  • Pittsburgh Pirates Fan 95%
Diego Avendaño
Co-Founder and Director of Operations & Technology
  • Sports Aficionado 95%
  • Lebron James' diet follower 80%
  • Candy Crush Addict 95%
Team member Jose Daniel Estrada technician account manager
José Daniel Estrada
Technical Account Manager
  • Movie Buff 95%
  • Trip Hop 90%
  • UFC Fan 90%
Team member Juan Rodriguez ios developer
Juan Rodríguez
MEAN Stack and iOS Developer
  • Math Lover 95%
  • Gaming Expert 95%
  • Guitar Player 90%
Team member Andrés Castillo Quesada
Andrés Castillo
PHP and Front End Developer
  • Hipster Attitude 85%
  • Sports Journalist 50%
  • DJ Padawan 65%

Our Business Partners

The Inside Corner, Inc.

The Inside Corner, Inc.
Point of contact: Craig Nelson – CEO
Benicia, CA, USA.
(707) 319-7446


Point of contact: Raj Dubey – Senior Director
Phoenix, AZ, USA.
+1 602-258-5263


Point of Contact: Tom Brown – VP Technology
San Diego, CA, USA.

Proximity Costa Rica

Proximity Costa Rica
Point of Contact: Adolfo Cruz – CEO
San Jose, Costa Rica.
1 (716) 226-0031